Emily Norris is a mother of three and lives in North London with her husband, James. Emily was born and attended private schools within North London. She has been teaching for the last 17 years and has taught in a series of schools both State and in the Independent sector. Emily’s love of teaching comes from her understanding of children. Her degree Childhood Development is integral to her teaching methodology, mixed with her expansive experience she has a deepened understanding of what each child needs to succeed. Her method is fundamental in achieving results. Emily’s knowledge of the system as a whole, and the assessment criteria/application process needed to be accepted into certain schools is vast. Emily, and her team have an exemplary 95% pass rate – helping children gain places in their chosen schools.

She believes, in order for children to learn effectively they must be taught as the individual children they are.  Creating an environment where each child feels at ease, safe and happy. An environment to enable them to become the happy, independent learners that every parent wishes for their child.  Often, she and her team are asked to help children who might be struggling at school and passing certain exams might be a challenge. In these instances, Emily and her team have found the missing link they need in order to put them back on track.

Emily and her team are passionate about fun sessions to ignite children’s learning! Enabling children to see their own ability and helping them reach their full potential. Not only in their academic life but throughout their future work life. Emily Norris Tuition offers:  7 Plus, 11 plus, 13plus , GCSE , A- Level exam prep and SATs support. They also offer advice on the 4 plus, some schools offer.  We primarily assess each child either at their home or at our Hampstead office. Following the assessment, we offer tutoring sessions in the children’s home however, some parents request lessons outside their homes which can take place at the office.  Emily and her team run workshops in the heart of Hampstead Village. They run these workshops to enable the children with exams to feel relaxed with the prospect of upcoming tests; focusing on exam technique and study skills to aid revision.